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Car Maintenance Program

1 Year

Retail Value $742.85 - You Save $514.95

Your Cost: $228

2 Year

Retail Value $1,485.80 - You Save $1,103.90

Your Cost: $382

3 Year

Retail Value $2,228.85 - You Save $1,664.85

Your Cost: $564

4 Year

Retail Value $2,971.80 - You Save $2,257.80

Your Cost: $714

5 Year

Retail Value $3,714.75 - You Save $2,851.75

Your Cost: $863

By now, you know that AutoPROS is not your typical car dealership, and that gives our customers advantages you won’t get at a typical car dealership. One of the ways we can help customers is through a unique prepaid vehicle service and maintenance program. This saves you time, money, and offers peace of mind because your car’s routine maintenance is already paid for!

There are other advantages to participating in this maintenance program. For starters, all services performed by professional certified technicians, and the services are offered at competitive prices. When you participate in this program, you are also locking in the current service prices for the term of the program you select. We can also include the cost in your monthly payments!

When you follow you car’s routine maintenance schedule, it helps maintain your car’s resale value because you have documentation of your car’s maintenance. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle maintenance has already been paid for, and your car warranty obligations will also be met through our service program.

The program benefits include:

  • Engine oil and filter change three (3) times per year
  • Tire rotation three (3) times per year
  • Tire balance three (3) times per year
  • 27-point inspection with each service
  • Fluid top-offs with each oil service
  • Four wheel brake inspection with each oil service
  • Battery check with each oil service
  • Free shuttle (within 15 miles)
  • Free wi-fi while you wait in our lobby

To find out more call our Service Department at 803-497-3525.

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