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AutoPROS is a unique car dealership with a unique approach to buying and selling cars! Since we are not your typical car dealership, we have more opportunities to do things differently. autoSNAP is just one way we are different from a run of the mill car dealership.

autoSNAP is our program that lets you make money helping us find great cars! We are always looking for fantastic used vehicles, and with your help, we can keep our dealership stocked with great cars!

It works like this: if you’re out and about and spot a great car that is for sale, we want to know! To participate in autoSNAP, take two photos of the car: one photo of the For Sale sign with the owner’s contact information, and a photo of the car. Send us your photos by text or my e-mail. If we buy the car, we’ll send you a check for $200! It’s that easy!

Text the photos of the car to us at (803) 230-9482. You can also e-mail them to us at If we receive multiple submissions of the same vehicle, the money goes to the person who sent us the photos first, so don’t wait to send us your photos!

Remember, we are always looking for great cars that are model year 2005 or newer. Also, we don’t purchase cars that are salvage, rebuilt, reconstructed, unrepaired vehicles from car accidents, flooded cars, or any other type of gray market vehicles.

Put your smartphone to work for you with autoSNAP!

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